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Certificate in Happiness Studies (CiHS) Learn advanced skills to increase your own level of happiness as well as your loved ones, clients, organizations and the world at large.  

The mission of the Happiness Studies Academy is to lead the happiness revolution, by educating leaders who are themselves dedicated to personal, interpersonal, and communal flourishing.

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This program is quite extraordinary. The material is so very rich and deep, I will be returning to the readings and the extensive reading list for many years, probably for the rest of my life. This work is so very important, to all. As a coach, I am already using this wisdom and understanding with clients. I love the ability to quote text and to use research to support life concepts.” 

Paige Crosby, Life Coach  

I have completed the course.....What an amazing experience.....Tal is an extraordinary teacher! 

The HSA program has holistically changed my life. It represents the most profound learning experience I have ever engaged. And as a Vice President and General Manager for a fortune 50 company, I was exposed to very electric, dynamic and forward thinking educational programs. And none of them resinated with me like The Hsa field of studies program..I am completely committed to the Happiness revolution!"

David Wooldridge 

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for this course. It is amazing. I am thrilled to be a part of this program. Each week I am excited to dive into the new material with anticipation. 

What Dr. Tal is teaching completely aligns with how I have been thinking and believing for the last ten years. This program lights me up and opens my mind to possibilities. 

It confirms how I have felt about the importance of the mind body connection. It also is not coincidental that I have just began my three year studies of somatic experiencing practitioner certification. Both programs are contributing beautifully to each other and I am confirmed that I am on the right track. 

I am currently a yoga therapist and I am so excited to see what is to come. Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!" 

With deepest gratitude, Kim Salisbury  

I just finished the final session, and I hope you'll accept this as my long and loud standing ovation. This course was AMAZING! I have gained so much out of it, both personally and professionally. It has motivated me to wake-up early in the morning to make time for the lectures, exercise regularly since last April (HIIT, no less : )), as well as build a solid routine around meditation (I do it while I boil my egg each morning, which takes 10 minutes at altitude : )). And, these are just the small changes that are greatly impacting my whole being and happiness. Now that I'm finished, I'm looking forward to reviewing my pages and pages of notes to think more about how to better incorporate all of this amazing material into my coaching practice. You can be certain that I've been peppering all of my clients with these learnings along the way. Meanwhile, I will miss waking-up to Tal's calm, yet inspiring voice, as he delivers endless wisdom. I'll also miss starting my day off with a cup of coffee, and the HSA video jingle : ). Thanks to all of you for delivering such an EXCELLENT course -- it's been one of the highlights of my year!" 

Nina Cashman  

The course has really reignited my “intellectual” influencer, which until now, I hadn’t even realized was dimmer than I thought. There is something so energizing about working with a master teacher, real-time within a collective environment of other students, even when your fellow students are virtual and studying at their own pace." N. Davis

This program is quite extraordinary. The material is so very rich and deep, I will be returning to the readings and the extensive reading list for many years, probably for the rest of my life. This work is so very important, to all. As a coach, I am already using this wisdom and understanding with clients. I love the ability to quote text and to use research to support life concepts.” P. Miller 

I honestly have been blown-away by Tal Ben-Shahar’s curriculum and lectures. It has enriched my work, my life and literally my whole sense of being. I know that sounds dramatic, and it’s simply true. I look forward to waking-up early a couple of mornings a week to listen to Tal’s lectures, take rigorous notes and reflect." J. Martinez

 “Tal is really a knowledgeable and passionate trainer. I love the way he delivers the lecture." PHam Huong Giang

This is a life changing program. My life purpose is all about happiness and this program is exactly what I was looking for. This program is giving me so much to share with my clients, this is the perfect certification for what I want to do.” M. Dinis Jar

This puts us on a whole different levels as coaches and in advancing our coaching careers.” J. Amato

It truly was the best year taking this course along side you and so many other! The gain is priceless!" L. Williams

I’ve also found it amazing to observe how the information is delivered at exactly the right time for me on a personal level. Overall, I really cannot say enough about how great this program is, and I feel incredibly lucky, and grateful, that iPec plopped this opportunity directly into my lap. THANK YOU!" H. Samuels

And to think, I almost allowed this course to pass me by because I thought I was “too busy”!! Go figure : ). Luckily, the wiser part of me jumped in.” M. Croz

Tal's invaluable example and teachings inspire me every single day. Professionally, he introduced me to the happiness psychology that significantly influences my current research work of creating multimedia for wellness education. Personally, through practicing what he preaches and preaching with reliable stories, Tal has genuinely boosted my life skills and happiness. Because of his invaluable contributions and effective communication skills, I am grateful to have been (and to be) one of his students. ”  

- Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen  

In times of transition, from difficult to easefull, from good to great, from old paradigms to new, we all seek guidance that includes wisdom, inspiration, practical tools, and the sense that we are in caring and trustworthy hands. Tal provides all this and brings such a passion and authenticity for his work and what he teaches that we each find ourselves motivated to dream a bit biger, build a bit stronger and enjoy our lives a bit more fully! ” - Henrique Bueno  

I am very thankful I did get Tal as my mentor in positive psychology. The combination of Western sciences and Eastern philosophy of Tal's lectures, as remarkable as he himself, makes him very unique in the field of happiness study. That's also what I admire. He is generous to give us much support as he can when I need, including writing the blurb for my first book about positive education book. Now I am following the calling of devote my life to human wellbeing and positive education which makes me feel happy and meaningful. At At the same time, many people have been benefiting from what I am doing. ” - Hongli Chen  

Tal really helped me to figure out what Happiness really is and why we need to not only study it, but also how to integrate it with our IPEC coaching." Marimac

This course has really opened my eyes up to all the different integrated points around happiness. The different subjects, there are things that I have never been exposed to before so this has really expanded my thought process." Mary Mclendon

I have been blown away by Tal, the materials are very rich, deep, interesting. This is life changing indeed!!" D. Addison

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